Offense Playbook

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Offense Playbook

Use Basketball Playbooks to Your Coaching Advantage

For aspiring basketball coaches creating there basketball playbook is a major responsibility. It’s not an easy step either, as basketball playbooks should preach quality over quantity. This is especially true in the early stages of coaching. Throwing an assortment of complex plays in your basketball playbook is not the best decision, when you are coaching a young team. The basketball playbook should be filled with quality basketball plays only. Take the particular talents of your team and then craft your plays. Every play in your basketball playbook should utilize the talents of your particular team.

There are great sources available online, which show you the basketball playbooks of well-respected coaches. These basketball playbooks are full of information for young coaches to soak up. Coaches can take the plays in these basketball playbooks and adapt them to fit the needs of their team. For example, in the college game shooting the three point shot is a huge weapon. All you have to do is turn on the NCAA tournament to see how many teams love to shoot the three. If you have players capable of shooting the 3 point basket consistently, re-watch the Duke Michigan game from the “3rd” round of the tournament.

If you watch the Duke Michigan game, you know that Michigan was able to stay competitive, because of the three point basket. A quality basketball playbook website will show you how Michigan was able to accomplish this. They run an offense based on the inside out game. As you know this means that their guards penetrate the lane and look for kick out passes. This offense is extremely successful at the youth level. The key element is a strong dribbling and passing guard. The guard is relied upon to be aggressive. Weaving their way into the lane the guard should attract some attention. As the defense collapses around the ball carrier, the guard is then relied upon to pass the ball to their three point sharp shooters waiting on the wings. The shooter should be wide open for a three point opportunity. If they aren’t the Michigan basketball playbook would suggest the guard to take the layup, as this should at minimum draw a foul. Michigan runs this play to perfection. By looking at Michigan’s basketball playbook it allows coaches to see how they accomplish this play so easily, and how they can take these lessons to the court, with their players.

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